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What Do You Get?

Our personal fitness training programs are conducted at your home, or local park and consist of a tailored exercise routine developed around your needs. Whether you prefer to train by yourself, with a small group, with friends or co-workers, we have a program to suit.

Once we establish your goals and overall fitness level, we then create a bespoke plan designed to help you meet your targets.

Most of our clients want to lose weight, increase fitness or simply tone up. To help you achieve this, we use a combination of weights, kettle bells, boxing, skipping and body weight exercises in personalised 45 minutes sessions.

targeted individual and group



1-on-1 Training

We feature one-on-one personal training where each session is specifically tailored to your individual goals. whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, strength, rehabilitation, fitness or cardio we can help you reach your goals.


Our group training is perfect for friends, families, or work colleagues. Mobile Fitness PT trainers come to you, so it’s easier to train with your group with the convenience of training from location of your choice.

boot camp

Our Boot Camps are held in the Adelaide area each Saturday morning, or Wednesday evening. Those who want to focus on their personal goals of weight loss, muscle gain, strength, rehabilitation, fitness or cardio are welcome to join our established boot camps.

corporate TRAINING

We offer group training to businesses of all sizes. We can train you and your work, or organisation colleagues before or after work, or even your lunch break from your office or local park.

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