More About

Coach Wilson

Coach Wilson


 Certificate 4 in fitness

  • INBA bodybuilding competitor, placed 2nd in teen 2017
  • First aid, CPR
  • 8 years experience in high intensity training
  • Australian nutritional and wellness association consultant 

Specialising In

  • Fat loss
  • Nutritional consultantion
  • Muscle building
  • Strength training
  • Bodybuilding, powerlifting

Personal Training Availability

Wilson Trains clients within a 20 minute drive of Camberwell in Victoria. 


We have the potential to push beyond our limit, is just that our choice to do it or not. You are more than you are.

I have 8 years of experience in high intensity resistance/ weight training, throughout my fitness journeys i have competed in INBA bodybuilding show in the teenage category. And a few weight loss transformation, at most for my bodybuilding show I lost I 35kg. A body transformation isn’t something easy. It require lot of hard work and dedication. However there is a shortcut.

 I wish to help others to shorten their journey with the help of my knowledge and experience, that way you can eliminate all your headache and frustration. Fat loss isn’t hard, when you become a fat melting machine. 

To see my clients achieve their Fitness goals is my passion.