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Coach Neal

Mobile Fitness PT Coach Neal

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Coach Neal trains clients in and around Sommerville, Victoria.

I have been lifting in the gym for over 20 years , tried many training splits, mainly focused on bodybuilding programs, although in the last 5 years it has been more focused on improving general strength, fitness and overall health.

I have also trained for sport specific goals too, linked to footy, soccer, tennis, golf and cricket.

These days I train for overall health and fitness.

I have a sports background playing  , footy, soccer, tennis, cricket, volleyball, golf, squash, baseball, table tennis, badminton, and athletics.

The areas I focus on are; people looking to improve their overall health and movements, increase muscle size, lose body fat, improve overall cardiovascular fitness, (rehabilitation -improve posture and balance, mobility and flexibility), improving overall strength, improving mental health, and helping people feel more accountable and  help reach their goals.

Healthy eating advice is available.