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Coach James

Coach James

Personal Training Availability

Coach James Trains clients within a 10km radius of Maryibyrnong in Victoria. 

My focus is helping, and leading people to become aware of themselves and sustain a healthy way of being. Going through my own challenges I have a deep level of understanding and the tools to help people become the healthiest version of themselves! 

I prioritise my nutrition, spending a lot of time preparing and learning about clean eating. I do this with my clients who would like to improve upon their nutrition. Nearly everyone I see needs to work on their diet in some way. I aim to utilise what I know to help others with their food choices. My persistent gut issues have alleviated from my current diet, supplementation, and a healthy lifestyle. 

I am passionate about Nutrition, Gut Health, and the ability to help people out of their suffering. Improving someone’s metabolic state through mindset, health, lifestyle, and physical fitness is what I’m about.