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Coach Aimee

Mobile Fitness PT coach Aimee


  • Personal trainer for 5 years
  • Specialist in corrective exercise and mobility
  • Effective movement trainer
  • Mindset coach level 1
  • Animal flow coach
  • Flexologist
  • Forrest Yoga teacher 

Personal Training Availability

Coach Aimee trains clients in and around Randwick, NSW

Since I was 10 I was passionate about movement and sports and began running and participating in sports at school.

It always made me feel good, and I was good at it. In High School, I competed in little athletics, soccer and netball. PE was my favourite subject, and when I was 14, I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer because of my love for fitness, health and helping people.

My other passion is music which I found out once I picked up the guitar at 16. I also started going to the gym at this time and loved it! I wanted to get stronger and be the best I could be.

After school I studied music at uni and did my personal training certificate in my first year, then did a student exchange in Chile in my final year where I studied nutrition.

After coming home I began working at Fitness First Hornsby and for Movement and Health Solutions with my mentor and boss at the time, Rob Denmark. This was a rewarding experience as I learnt about effective movement, mobility and corrective exercise.

From this point on I changed my approach to training and focused on the body as an integrated system which helped me to increase strength, mobility, flexibility and fitness more than I thought possible before. After working for 2 years, I wanted a break from the gym and discovered my passion for yoga, gymnastics and mediation as well as writing/producing music.

I then decided to become a yoga teacher and began teaching yoga on my own. I also discovered assisted stretching at Stretch Studios and Mobile PT!

I feel blessed to work in this industry and do what I love as well as help many people. I believe that Health and Happiness are essential to living which is why I live a lifestyle aligned to my values and uplifting others to do the same! 

To see my clients achieve their Fitness goals is my passion.