(South Brisbane)

Hey I’m josh, I’ve been a pt for over 3 years now, and love being able to meet new people and help them reach their goals.

I’ve always been quite a sporty person and have played soccer since I was 5 years old. I also used to play different sports on the side.



(20 mins from Jamboree Heights QLD)

Coach Sam is a passionate trainer with 6 years experience and 10 years experience as a semi professional athlete. When it comes to personal fitness training, you can count on Sam’s enthusiasm to bring out the best in you.


(20 mins from Springfield QLD)

Coach Heather is a Master PT with 23 years of extensive experience and specialises in all aspects of Women’s Health & Fitness focusing in assisting her female clients to be the absolute best version of themselves.

Her PT sessions incorporate an extremely diverse & wide range of fun, functional & extremely effective exercises to ensure you enjoy each & every session.



(Spring Hill, QLD)

John trains both 1:1 in person on location or in small partner groups. John is focused on YOU.

John trains people ranging in all ages, fitness levels, goals, shapes and sizes- but all have one thing in common- they want to feel and look better and get results.

John’s areas of expertise are Core and Balance, Weight Loss, Flexibility and Mobility, Functional Training, Martial Arts and Stress Reduction.

types of training

Strength Training

Do you want to build muscle and strength but can’t stand the thought of going to a busy gym? 

We have you covered! All of our trainers have their own equipment which they will bring to you. 

Focusing on progressively overloading your muscles while helping you with the right nutrition will ensure you get the strength and muscle gains you’re after.


Do you suffer from lower back pain or bad posture? 

These are two very common issues we see with clients and can be very detrimental to quality of life.

We will help show you the appropriate stretches and strength building exercises to make these ailments a thing of the past.

Weight Loss

Have you tried everything to lose weight but its still not working? Or do you just need someone to keep you motivated and accountable?

We take a sustainable approach to weight loss by looking at your nutrition and and exercise habits to ensure you are burning more calories then you are consuming therefor allowing your body to lose unwanted weight.

General Health

General Health

Do you just want to be fitter and healthier but are having trouble getting started? 

We can help keep you accountable by training you from the most convenient location of your choice. Our trainers will help change your unwanted habits with healthier alternatives while keeping you motivated long enough to see and feel results.


Personal Fitness Training

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Boot Camps

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Corporate Training

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Online Training

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