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We will keep you accountable while training you in the comfort of your own home, local park or workspace. We work around your schedule to make sure your goals are achieved.

Mobile Fitness PT was started to help people conquer their health and fitness goals without needing to go to the gym.

Even though there is a gym in almost every suburb now, those facilities don’t suit everybody’s needs. At Mobile Fitness PT, we understand that and are here to help. You will not only look your best but feel your best too. The only regret you will have is that you didn’t start earlier!

types of training

Strength Training

Do you want to build muscle and strength but can’t stand the thought of going to a busy gym? 

We have you covered! All our trainers have their own equipment which they bring to you. 

Focusing on progressively overloading your muscles while helping you with the right nutrition will ensure you get the strength and muscle gains you’re after.


Do you suffer from lower back pain or bad posture? 

These are two very common issues we see with clients and can be very detrimental to quality of life.

We will help show you the appropriate stretches and strength building exercises to make these ailments a thing of the past.

Weight Loss

Have you tried everything to lose weight but its still not working? Or do you just need someone to keep you motivated and accountable?

We take a sustainable approach to weight loss by looking at your nutrition and and exercise habits to ensure you are burning more calories then you are consuming therefor allowing your body to lose unwanted weight.

General Health

General Health

Do you just want to be fitter and healthier but are having trouble getting started? 

We can help keep you accountable by training you from the most convenient location of your choice. Our trainers will help change your unwanted habits with healthier alternatives while keeping you motivated long enough to see and feel results.

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Client Transfomations

Fiona 20kg Weightloss

20kg Weight Loss

Fiona lost 9kg in our 8 week challenge, then continued training on weekly basis and has now dropped 20kg!

Mark 10kg Weightloss

10kg Weight Loss

Mark lost over 7kg in 8 weeks then kept up his training to drop another 3kg in 12!

Bec 15kg Weightloss

15kg Weight Loss

Bec lost 15kg training with us while improving her health and fitness dramatically.

Fiona 20kg Weightloss

4 Month Transformation

“In the last 4 months I have lost 15kg and my strength has gone up dramatically” – Aaron
Mark 10kg Weightloss

30kg Weight Loss

“My Life has changed for the best, not only have I become healthy but also happy in my body! I’ve lost 30kg since working out with my PT in under 12 months.” – Bianca

Bec 15kg Weightloss

10cm Loss around waist

Weight loss isn’t everything! Cynthia lost 3kg in 8 weeks but dropped over 10cm’s around her waist.

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