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Train in the comfort of your home, local park or work space with one of our highly qualified mobile personal trainers!

Mobile Fitness PT was created for the purpose to help people conquer their health and fitness goals without needing to go to the gym.

Even though there is a gym in almost every suburb now, those facilities don’t suit everybody’s needs. At Mobile Fitness PT, we understand that and are here to help.

We will keep you accountable by providing personalised training in the comfort of your own home, local park or workspace. Our trainers will work around your schedule to make sure your goals are achieved.

You will not only look your best, but feel your best too. The only regret you will have is that you didn’t start earlier!

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All ages and fitness levels are welcome!

Mobile Fitness PT Training

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Client Transfomations

Fiona 20kg Weightloss

20kg Weight Loss

Fiona lost 9kg in our 8 week challenge, then continued training on weekly basis and has now dropped 20kg!

Mark 10kg Weightloss

10kg Weight Loss

Mark lost over 7kg in 8 weeks then kept up his training to drop another 3kg in 12!

Bec 15kg Weightloss

15kg Weight Loss

Bec lost 15kg training while improving her health and fitness dramatically.

Fiona 20kg Weightloss

4 Month Transformation

“In the last 4 months I have lost 15kg and my strength has gone up dramatically” – Aaron
Mark 10kg Weightloss

30kg Weight Loss

“My Life has changed for the best, not only have I become healthy but also happy in my body! I’ve lost 30kg since working out with my PT in under 12 months.” – Bianca

Bec 15kg Weightloss

10cm Loss around waist

Weight loss isn’t everything! Cynthia lost 3kg in 8 weeks but dropped over 10cm’s around her waist.

Strength Training

Want to build muscle and strength but can’t stand the thought of going to a busy gym? 

We have you covered! All of our trainers have their own equipment which they bring to you. 

Focusing on progressively overloading your muscles while helping you with the right nutrition will ensure that you get the strength and muscle gains you’re after.


Do you suffer from lower back pain or bad posture? 

These are two very common issues we see with clients and can be very detrimental to quality of life.

We will help show you the appropriate stretches and strength building exercises to make these ailments a thing of the past.

Weight Loss

Have you tried everything to lose weight but its still not working? Or do you just need someone to keep you motivated and accountable?

We take a sustainable approach to weight loss by looking at your nutrition and exercise habits to ensure you are burning more calories then you are consuming therefor allowing your body to lose unwanted weight.

General Health

General Health

Do you just want to be fitter and healthier, but are having trouble getting started? 

We can help keep you accountable by training you from the most convenient location of your choice. Our trainers will help change your unwanted habits with healthier alternatives while keeping you motivated long enough to see and feel results.

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Benjamin Gordon-Edwards
Benjamin Gordon-Edwards
Been training with Lachy for over a year and have lost 20 kg. He has made it fun and enjoyable!
Alexander Mattiske
Alexander Mattiske
Awesome team of people. Having a PT come to me and work around my schedule has been amazing.
Reggie Fontelar
Reggie Fontelar
Highly recommend Lachy for anyone who wants to live a healthier life style. I recently participated in an 8 week body challenge and Lachy was there for me every step of the way. He gave me guidance on my diet and a whole variety of exercises to do at home. When it comes to our pt sessions, he pushes me to give it my all. The results speak for themselves, 6kg down and more to come! Wouldn’t have been able to do it without Lachy, thanks mate!!
Portia Capoccia
Portia Capoccia
My trainer from Mobile Fitness PT is always consistent and pushing me to achieve my best. Would not go anywhere else!
Tahlia Wagner
Tahlia Wagner
I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking to achieve their personal fitness and health goals! The trainer was absolutely amazing and extremely professional. I achieved lowering my body fat and gaining muscle over an 8 week challenge. The tailored work out and meal plans were incredibly helpful and easy to use! This service is both affordable and convenient, two aspects a gym doesn’t offer.
Melissa Zacharia
Melissa Zacharia
Would highly recommend Mobile Fitness PT. Lachy provided me with a home fitness workout over zoom which was really fun and challenging. He also offers group sessions for corporate organisations or with friends!
Mark Moore
Mark Moore
I initially started out with Mobile Fitness PT on an 8-week challenge to lose weight. Self determination and incredible support from the PTs enabled me to reach a healthy target weight. Afterwards, I opted to continue training with MFPT to build my strength. Lachy has been an excellent PT. Full of encouragement and drive, he ensures that my individual program is challenging but also achievable to ensure you do not lose faith in yourself and drop out. Training with Lachy twice a week ensures my goals are always in sight and helps me not to feel deflated and give up. You are never too old to request the assistance of a Mobile Fitness PT.
Stacey Lee Gommers
Stacey Lee Gommers
I started training with lachy end off march this year I couldn't even do a sit up 3 and half months later I've lost 9 kilos, couldn't ask for a better trainer to kick start my new lifestyle and challenge me every session your the best lachy thank you, I highly recommend Stacey gommers
Michelle Fearnhead
Michelle Fearnhead
I started with a mindset of I shall see how it goes. Well I love it I’m fitter Stronger More toned and the flexibility of going to outdoor places suits me perfectly Now I’m hooked and it’s fun getting fit